A man was charged yesterday with the premeditated murder of 14-year-old Rhiana Moore.

Ze Selassie was led in and out of court with a police guard of around 15 officers. Mr. Selassie, 33, has been in custody since Saturday morning, shortly after Rhiana's body washed up on shore near Blue Hole Park nature reserve.

His name and picture have been widely circulated via e-mail, but police refused to officially reveal his identity until he was bought before court. A large crowd gathered around Magistrates Court yesterday as word spread that Mr. Selassie, of St. David's, was going to be charged.

Among those watching outside court was Rohan Moore, the father of Devonshire teenager Rhiana. Mr. Moore bowed his head and was comforted by friends and wellwishers. Rhiana's mother, Julieann - who paid loving tribute to her daughter in the Bermuda Sun earlier this week - chose to stay away.

Motorcycle squad officers wearing bullet-proof vests cordoned off Reid Street ahead of the hearing at Magistrates Court at around 4pm. At least eight officers made their way into the court before proceedings began. A similar number lined the street as an unmarked police car pulled into the carpark at the rear of the court.

Mr. Selassie, wearing jeans, a dark blue T-shirt and white sneakers from which the laces had been removed, was led out of the car and into court via the rear of the building. During the 10-minute hearing his full name was recorded as Ze Menefeskiduse Selassie, and his address given as Battery Road, St. David's.

He faced a single charge - the premeditated murder of Rhiana Ashley Marie Moore on May 30. He was not required to enter a plea.

Senior Crown Counsel Paula Tyndale requested that he remain in custody and lawyer Elizabeth Christopher, representing Mr. Selassie, said there would be no application for bail.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner remanded him in custody until his next court appearance on June 19.

Earlier that day, Mr. Moore, a former Bermuda police officer who now lives in Barbados, had paid tribute to his daughter. He said: "She was my first child and she just took my heart away. I prayed for a daughter and I got the best daughter I could have prayed for. There was a uniqueness about her from the day she was born. She had such charisma and she tried for excellence every time in all her accomplishments."

Mr. Moore reiterated Rhiana's mother's thanks to the public. He said: "When something of this magnitude happens, it brings out the best in everybody. It could have been anybody's child. All of Bermuda has felt it and so many people have come forward to help us through it."