A 24-year-old man was remanded into custody until August 18, after he admitted trying to obtain goods from The Docksider Pub & Restaurant with a counterfeit $50 note.

Loniko Burgess-Durrant, of Sandys, admitted possessing the fake bill, using it and attempting to obtain goods by deception.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner heard how Loniko Burgess-Durrant and another man, only known as Smith, went to the Front Street bar during the early hours of July 19. While there, Burgess-Durrant gave Smith a $50 to purchase cigarettes from the bar’s manager Ian Redford.

According to Crown Counsel Garrett Byrne, upon receiving the note, Mr. Redford said it “did not feel normal” and that was when he noticed that the bill did not have any watermarks.

As he refused to hand over the cigarettes to Smith, Burgess-Durrant insisted that the note was authentic before both men eventually left the bar. Police were called and they subsequently spotted Burgess-Durrant and arrested him. He admitted the $50 bill was counterfeit and said he received it after selling another man a quarter ounce of marijuana.

After admitting his guilt, Burgess-Durrant apologized for his actions and said he made a mistake.

He will be sentenced on August 18 after a social inquiry report is completed by Court Services.