Barracuda and Goldfish are joint at the top of bowling’s Fishbowl League standings, enjoying 47½ points in the win column.

Goldfish were led in a four to zero win over Mackerel on the lead of Albert Botelho. Gladwin Harvey was tops for Mackerel in a losing cause.

Wahoo stayed in the fray with a four-point win over Tuna, while Matthew Tumbridge bowled the top series 600 in the men’s division two to lead the Wahoo in their victory. 

Tuna’s top scorer was Sheila Easton.

Joshua Bento led the Barracuda’s efforts, winning all four points from Porgies bowling a 203, 227 and 243 for a 673 to claim the night’s top series and game honours.

Quinton Mallory added third high series and game, a 601 and 235 to the cause.

Porgies were led by Vernon Daniels completing the night’s honours list with a second high series  650 and game 236. Elvin Thomas contributed a 599 in a losing cause.

Milkfish were led by Daniel Morales bowling a 598 series and 222 game to win three points to Snapper’s one. 

The Snappers efforts were led by Peter Winsby bowling a 593. 

Richard Zuill led the Marlins’ challenge with a 589 but the Cow Pollies won 3½ to ½. Donna Doyle  supported Zuill with the women’s  Division Two top series 480 and second game 171.

Peggy Mello claimed her team Cow Pollies’ honours as top scorer.

The Swordfish and Hog Fish battled it out with Hog Fish the winner.

As Mary Minors claimed the Hog Fish honours, with ladies top series 525  and game 203, while for the Swordfish both Jamel Bean and Llew Jones tied for the team’s honours as top scorer.

Scheduled against the Bye (Gone fishin), the Dolphins had little  trouble in winning all four points on the lead of Carl Durrant with a 537. 


Barracuda 47½

Goldfish 47½

Wahoo 47

Marlins 43½

Mackerel  42½

Hog Fish 36½

Porgies 36

Milkfish 36

Snappers 33½

Dolphins 33½

Cow Pollies 33½

Swordfish 33

Tuna 29

Bye (Gone Fishin) 2