Wahoo and Marlins will  bowl for the Fishbowl championship on the final day, with only half a point separating them.

Wahoo had little trouble with Bye (Gone Fishin) and added three points to the standings while Marlins won  by the same margin over Goldfish.

Matthew Tumbridge led the Wahoo’s effort with second division men’s series 530 and top game 206 with Lisa Saints supporting with a 518 ladies’ third series and second game 185.

Albert Botelho claimed the Goldfish team honours once more as their top scorer while better half Deborah added ladies’ third series 448 in division two but needed help in the scoring department to take a bigger share of the points.

Barracuda succumbed to the Hog Fish 3-1 and needed to muster more pins to take a bigger share of the points. 

Joshua Bento’s efforts bowling a 231 earned him third game honours.

Hog fish pulled together in a complete team effort on the lead of Adrian Mendoza’s third high men’s division two series 530  and Tony Vibals’ third high handicap series 634.

Milkfish continued their climb toward the tip by winning 3-1 over Dolphins.

Robinson Joseph went to the men’s second division honours list with a 572 and second game 203. 

William Steede’s 601 series  just missed the honours list but he led his team to a 3-1 win over Porgies. The match between the Tuna and Cow Pollies  was the closest of the night, ending 2-2. Peter Winsby led the Snappers efforts with a 531, with John Adams just three pins back in support.

The Fishbowl has space for a team in September. Anyone interested can call The Bowl.


1. Wahoo 68

2. Marlins 67.5

3. Goldfish 63.5

4. Porgies 62

4. Milkfish 62

4. Mackerel 62

7. Barracuda 60

8. Hog Fish 57.5

9. Dolphins 51.5

10. Snappers 51

11. Swordfish 50

12. Cow Pollies 45.5

13. Tuna 42.5

14. Bye (Gone Fishin) 11