There were no changes in the latest Fishbowl League standings after top teams Marlins, Goldfish and Wahoo all went home with three points.

For Marlins, Patrice Tucker topped the ladies’ scoring list with a 637 series and 234 game, while  Donna Doyle claimed ladies’ second division honours with that division’s top series 552 and second game 211.

Opponents Dolphins had Carl Durrant as top scorer.

The encounter between the Goldfish and Hogfish was close. Albert Botelho claimed the Goldfish’s efforts as top scorer while for Hogfish, Lelina Niere’s second high ladies series 505 was not enough.

Matthew Tumbridge led Wahoo to victory over Barracuda. Lisa Saints added ladies’ third series 496 in support.

Joshua Bento did his best to upset Wahoo, bowling the night’s top men’s series and game, a 645 and 244.

Cow Polllies were led by Wendell White’s 542 to win 3-1 over Snappers. 

Swordfish failed to claim any points against Milkfish, who were led in style by Robert Bagalasca.

The encounter between the Mackerel and Tuna conjured up a surprise as Mackerel managed 2½, while Tuna pulled up their straps enough to claim 1½.

Gladwin Harvey sizzled up the lanes, bowling men’s second high series and game, a 621 and 236 and added a 233 to the cause.

For the Tuna it was Karen Landy who led the charge with ladies’ second division second high series 501. Bye (Gone Fishin) surprised the Porgies and held them to a 1-3 score.  Vernon Daniels tried to offset (Gone Fishin) with a men’s third high series and game, a 613 and 224, but he needed a few more pins in the second game to take all four.