Goldfish have taken over first place in the Fishbowl League by 0.5 point on the strength of a 4-0 win over Tuna.

Barracuda slipped to third by one point, while Wahoo won four points to take over second place just 0.5 behind.

Tim Doyle bowled the night’s top series 621 and third game 212 in division one to lead Marlins to all four points against Swordfish. It leaves the Marlins just four points off the

The Swordfish’s efforts were led by Jamel Bean, who bowled a second high Series 600 and a top-game 266 in a losing cause.

Tuna gave Goldfish a good battle but ended up on the short end with no points as Goldfish claimed all four.

Albert Botelho was top scorer for Goldfish, while Sheila Easton led the Tuna  in their efforts.

Snappers, although bowling short, challenged Barracuda and managed to win a point.

Barracuda needed  all four points to stay in first but managed only to win three and dropped to third.

Snappers were led by John Adams as their top-scorer in a losing cause, winning just one point.

Wahoo, sporting new shirts, were led by Matthew Tumbridge with a 618 claiming men’s top series in division two on games of 188, 205 and top game 225.

On the strength of the four-point win, they are now in second place.

Cow Pollies didn’t have a chance, although A.J. Mello gained stripes as their top scorer.

The encounter between Mackerel and Dolphins ended with the former taking all four points on the strength of Gladwin Harvey’s 565 series.

The Dolphins didn’t give away the points and fought hard with Carl Durrant leading the way.

Hog Fish and Porgies battled it out but Porgies won 3-1. Vernon Daniels led the Porgies efforts with the men’s third high series 595 and second game 238, while the Hog Fish were led by Tony Vibal and Hanny Consolacion tying for the team’s top-scorer honours.


1 Goldfish 51.5

2 Wahoo 51

3 Barracuda 50.5

4 Marlins  47.5

5 Mackerel  40

6 Milkfish  40

7 Porgies  39

Hog Fish 37.5

9 Snappers  34.5

10 Dolphins  33.5

11 Cow Pollies  33.5

12 Swordfish  33

13 Tuna  29

14  Bye (Gone Fishin)  2