The tough competition  in the Fishbowl League continues with only 4.5 points separating the top  five teams.  

It is simply too close to call.

Peter Winsby bowled the night’s top series and game — a 656 and a 236 — and led the Snappers to an easy  four-point win over Bye (Gone Fishin).

Bowling the night’s highest team series, Porgies were inspired by Ted Swiss, who rallied the team with his second high 604 series and third high game 213. 

Juliette Smith claimed second high ladies honours with a 207 game and 508 series in support on their way to winning all four points from Swordfish.

Jamel Bean led the Swordfish challenge with second high game 223 and a 581 series, albeit in a losing cause. 

Dolphins went all out against the Wahoo to drop the latter from first place to third, winning three to one.

Top scorer for Dolphins was Carl Durrant. Matthew Tumbridge tried to pull out the stops for Wahoo as top scorer but needed more help in the pin department  to take a bigger share of the points. The Barracuda and Goldfish encounter resulted in a 3-1 win for Goldfish —  led by Deborah Botelho claiming the ladies’ top series and game honours in the ladies division two, with a 524 and a 193.  

The win puts Goldfish in second place. Barracuda could manage only one point on the lead of Joshua Bento’s 544.

Milkfish and Hog Fish produced the only draw of the night.

Daniel Morales led the Milkfish claiming the men’s division two high series honours with a 554 and added a second game 197. 

On the Hog Fish side of the totem pole, Adrian Mendoza bowled a 527 to claim men’s division two second game honours with a 527.

Cow  Pollies showed off their stripes with a 3-1 win over Tuna as A. J.  Mello and Wendell White bowled identical series to claim the team honours on their way to victory.  

Sheila Easton pulled rank for the Tuna, bowling a ladies’ top series and game, a 565 and 211. But she needed more support to take a bigger share of the points.

On the strength of a four-point win over Mackerel, Marlins have swum to the top of the standings with a two-point lead.

 Tim Doyle led the challenge on the lanes with a 571 with Brenda Burrows  in support with a ladies division two second high series and game, a 517 and 191. 

The Mackerel tried offsetting the Marlins tempo and were led by Gladwin Harvey’s third high series 593 and two 200 games, to no avail. n