The top four teams in the Fishbowl League are separated by just one point.

Barracuda and Goldfish share first place — both on 431/2 points.

With no opposition from Bye (gone Fishin), Quinton Mallory led the  Barracuda’s charge with the night’s top series of 650 and game of 243.

By winning all four points from Cow Pollies, the Goldfish climbed the standings.  Leading the Goldfish in their surge was  Carlos Estravit, who bowled the night’s second high series of 642  and third-high game of 228.

A.J. Mello tried leading the Pollies to a with a share of the points as their top scorer to no avail. Matthew Tumbridge spirited the Wahoo on to a 3-1 win over Swordfish, bowling a 535 series.

Sleeper team Tuna pulled the rabbit out of the hat when they challenged Dolphins and took home three points.

For the Tuna, Karen  Landy was tops while Carl Durrant led the Dolphins in their challenge as top scorer.  

Snappers went all out against the Hog Fish and went home with three points. Peter Winsby led the Snappers challenge with three consistent games to total a 532.

The Porgies went after the Marlins with a vengeance and won 3-1, while Mackerel bounced back by beating Milkfishj 3-1.